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Every horse owner wants a quiet horse that is supple and willing to participate. Every horse owner wants a horse that moves gracefully and powerfully at work and at liberty also is looking for the thrill of a perfect ride in partnership each time they are with their horses. But injuries, traumas, poor fitting tack, uneven feet and unbalanced riding can induce pain and resistance which prevents horses from performing to their highest ability. Skillful massage and bodywork will help isolate and heal injuries and traumas. Massage and bodywork will promote relaxation of the muscles to effectively change inefficient and oftentimes painful movement patterns and habits. Through relaxation the horse will become softer, more agile, responsive and willing to work as a partner to the rider. When a horse is feeling his best, his heart, soul and spirit is expressed through joyful movement.

 My hands learn to feel their way through a horse from nose to tail and sense where muscles are tight or strained, injured, dull or sore. As you find those troubled places I will release and change inefficient patterns by drawing from the many techniques that I have studies such as Reiki, massage therapy, energy balancing, myofascial release, neuromuscular and craniosacral therapy.

 Every horse can benefit from massage. More than 60% of the average horse's total bodyweight is made up of muscle mass. A minor injury to one area can result in compensation and thereby transmission of muscle tension to surrounding areas. Overtime this can develop into more serious issues. Regular massage therapy can address the minor injuries before they become major issues. Therapeutic equine massage therapy used in rehabilitation can decrease time required for recovery allowing the horse to return to work faster. Relaxational massage aids in mental relaxation and improves the overall well being of the horse.

Massaging the horse on a regular basis allows for areas of tension or even slight strain to be worked out. This allows for freedom of movement and elasticity which helps to prevent injuries. It is always more cost effective to prevent an injury than it is to treat an injury and rehabilitate the horse back to previous levels of activity. Regular monthly massages are an excellent investment in the health and competitive productivity of your horse.

Some Benefits of Equine Massage you will see:
  • Decreasing scar tissue
  • Increased endurance
  • Increasing overall body awareness
  • Increasing drainage of lymphatic system and performance and flexibility
  • Prevention of injury
  • Improving circulation
  • Enhancing muscle tone and prevention of atrophy (muscle wasting)
  • Improving and maintaining joint mobility
  • Improving gait quality
  • Reducing tension in muscles
  • Over all relaxation and greater range of motion and mobility in joints and muscles.
  • The better you horse feels the better he/she will preform

Call me for rates as it depends on location of the horse.